Quiz Night
Teambuilding games in the office, offered by Otherland

Quiz Night SHOW

Our Quiz Night Show is getting more and more popular among young and intelligent people who need to let off some steam off during the hard weak of work.

2 hours

No restrictions

Chamber Role Play Games

Chamber Role Play Games are getting more and more popular around the world and Bulgaria.

2-3 hours

20 people

The Office Game

You feel like there is no way to have fun whilst working in the office? This game will take up to 20-30 minutes a day to solve mysteries during the work week. The game will improve your skills and will make you smile even in the most tense days!

Няколко Дни

No restrictions

Quiz Night can be arranged almost everywhere and it's used also as a learning tools. During the Quiz people also learn new interesting facts. We can also create a themed Quiz - like favorite movies, music, travel, books and more.

Duration 2 hours People No restrictions

Chamber Role Play games can be played in all kinds of genres - fantasy, sci-fi, medieval, they can be build around the story of favorite movie, book or historical event, and also around an event from our daily lives. In a game like this, the players portrait different characters with different objectives. Chamber Role Play Games can be played just for fun, but also as an educational game or therapeutic one as well.

Duration 2-3 hours People 20 people

For the office we have a game where you will receive different small tasks during the week (each one takes 20 to 30 minutes), and on the last day the different teams will challenge each other.

Duration Няколко Дни People No restrictions