Survival Course

Our Survival Course is divided in two levels - Beginner and Intermediate. In it you will gain knowledge about how to plan your route, navigation, basic knots and first aid.

2 дни


Fist Aid

In our First Aid courses you will learn how to react in cases of emergencies. Don't forget that improving your skills can save lives and that's what makes them irreplaceable!

WingTsun, Blitshfight, Self-Defense

You can take part in our courses in self-defense, stress-management and how to avoid violence.

Every one of us has read or watched about the different ways to survive into the wild. Ours Survival Course we will give you the practical knowledge needed to survive. How to plan your expeditions? What to wear and how many things do you actually need? Navigation - how to work with a compass, GPS, MGRS. How to build shelter? How to make a fire? What to eat and drink? Basic knots and how to work with rope? First aid. Minimum age: 14yo

Duration 2 дни People 12

Duration People

Duration People