Organizing team buildings

Outdoor Team Buldings

Outdoors is where most team buildings happen. Most of our clients prefer to create a combination of learning and games whilst outdoor - in the mountains or at the seaside. For this purpose we have couple of games built around the idea of learning, games to challenge your team physical and mentally and, of course, games we make purely for fun!

Urban Games

When in the city or at the office - we have a different variety of games. One of them is a Spy game - the players have to play the roles of secret agents, find clues around the city and solve some crimes. In a different game you would have the chance to walk around a certain city, find interesting things about it and go through it's most interesting sights, finding historical information and solving mysterious riddles.

Games in the Office

For the office we have a game where you will receive different small tasks during the week (each one takes 20 to 30 minutes), and on the last day the different teams will challenge each other. We can also organize a chamber role-play games, where the players will portrait a character, that has to try to solve different type of tasks.